Conferences /Panels Organised
October 2005 Strategies of Inclusion/Exclusion MPI, Halle
(with Michaela Pelican)
August 2002 Ethnographies of Governance
(Panel at the EASA Conference, Copenhagen)
(with Andrea Behrends and Julia Eckert)
May 2002 The landed and the landless? Strateties of territorial integration and dissociation. MPI, Halle
(with Andrea Behrends)

Invited Talks

May 2008 German Archaeological Society, Mannheim
May 2007 Universität Zürich, ethnologisches Seminar
January 2006 University College London, London
November 2005 University of Manchester, UK
March 2005 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IL
Nov 2004 ASA Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA
June 2004 Podiumsdiskussion "120 Jahre Berliner Konferenz"
H-Böll-Stiftung, Halle

June 2002


Afrika Kolloquim, Insitut für Historische Ethnologie,Frankfurt

Conference Contributions

May 2007 Casca Annual Meeting (Canadian Association of Social Anthropologists), Toronto, Canada
June 2006 Geograhic Visualisation in the Social Sciences, Manchester, UK
May 2004 Conference "The Size Factor in Identity Politics", MPI, Halle
October 2003 ASA Annual Meeting, Boston, DC
July 2002 Conference:"Hierarchy and Power in the History of Civilastions" Russian Academy Of Sciences; Center For Civilizational And Regional Studies, St. Petersburg:
"Keeping A Low Profile: Fulani strategies of non-power"
October 2002 Conference: Landrights and the Politics of Belonging. JWG Universität Frankfurt
Land Rights and Changing Identities. A Comparative Paper on the Policies of Formal Land Allotment to Pastoral Groups in Northwest Cameroon and Burkina Faso.
(jointly with Michaela Pelican)
December 2002 ASA Annual Meeting, Washington, DC:
Land Rights and politics of integration. Farmer-Herder Conflicts in a comparative Perspective (jointly with Michaela Pelican)
July 2002 "Keeping A Low Profile”: Fulani strategies of non-power. Russian Academy Of Sciences ; Center For Civilizational And Regional Studies, St. Petersburg , Russia
June 2002 Wem gehört die Landschaft ? Der staatliche Einfluss auf Hirten-Bauern Beziehungen in Burkina Faso . (The Impact of National Politics on Farmer-Herder Relations in Burkina) Afrika Kolloquium, Institut für Historische Ethnologie, Frankfurt
October 2001 National and Transnational Organisations as Resources for Local Elites. A Case Study from Burkina Faso . DGV- Tagung Göttingen (Biennial Conference of the German Anthropological Association)
April 1999 Spatial Order and Social Navigation. An ethnographic account on space, language and social order . Univ. of Georgia Dept. of Geography, Athens , GA
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